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Search Engine Optimisation and putting your business at the top of the Google Search results is the ultimate in marketing your business. You are positioning your business right in front of your customers just as they are expressing a need for a product or service you offer.

  • 90% of people turn to Google when they are looking for a new product or service
  • 40% of people will click on the first organic result
  • 0% of people will click through to the second page of results

Rather than pushing your brand in their face when they aren’t even in buying mode – they are finding you when they need you most.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

So if you are serious about business growth and SEO then you’d better make sure that your business is in the top positions on the first page.

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    If you want more customers and more sales for your business then investing in online marketing and SEO in particular is an excellent choice. SEO can put your business at the top of the Google search results and way ahead of your competition.  And to put your business in that position you need an SEO company you can rely on.

    Dublin SEO ExpertExpert SEO is that company. We can put your business at the top of Google and in front of your target customers at that exact moment that they are searching for a product or service that you supply.

    With the benefit of cutting edge SEO knowledge and strategies your business could dominate the search engines through organically produced search engine rankings for local, national and international search terms.

    We work with ambitious local and national businesses who recognise the massive opportunity provided by SEO and who wish to grow their business in 2018.

    Are you ready to dominate your marketplace and overtake your competitors? We’d love to hear from you.

    We offer a free quote with feedback within 24 hours.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO DublinRanking your website at the top of the Google search results page is incredibly important to anyone in business who is serious about growing their business.

Like an important part of your company’s sales team your website should be working hard for your business and generating multiple leads and sales every month. In fact with the right SEO strategy and implementation your website could become the driving force of your business growth in 2018.

The websites and businesses which rank in the top 3 of the Google search engine (and in the Maps) attract approximately 50% of all people searching online. And with the majority of people now turning to the internet and beginning their search for a new product or service on Google – SEO should be top of your Sales and Marketing strategy.

  • How is your website performing online?
  • What percentage of leads and sales are you generating through your website?
  • Are your competitors ranking above you and receiving most of the traffic in your market?

The good news is that with an expert SEO team on your side your business can begin to overtake your competitors.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Generally our SEO strategy includes

  • Identify and solve your websites technical problems
  • Backlink audit and over optimisation issues
  • Indepth keyword research and strategy
  • Audit and implement improvements to your websites structure and onpage SEO factors
  • Claim and optimise your brand online, i.e. social profiles and citation sites
  • Competitor analysis
  • improving and optimising the content of your website
  • Content marketing and syndication plan
  • Identify quality, niche relevant linking opportunities
  • Generate quality off page signals and traffic

Why Choose Expert SEO?

At Expert SEO we are serious about Search Engine Optimization – in fact our success depends on it! We are fully immersed in the international SEO community and rank in some of the most competitive online niches.

We pride ourselves in staying at the cutting edge of SEO strategies and invest heavily in our learning and testing and keeping up to date with the ever changing SEO environment and constant Google updates.

We know what Google wants – and equally as important – we know what they don’t want.

Find out how much the #1 position on could be worth to your business. Call us now to find out and to learn how we can help grow your business in 2018- 01 554 3931

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More Information about SEO in Dublin and Ireland

SEO Agency Dublin
With the majority of people now turning to Google to help them find a product or service in their area – the top spot of Google has the ability to provide a huge return on investment for any business, in any niche. In offline terms it equates to owning the best retail space on the busiest street in your city.

As the largest city on the island of Ireland with a catchment population of 1.5 million people there is massive opportunity for any business in Dublin to skyrocket their leads and sales by positioning themselves at the top of Google. And we can put you in that space and provide you with an unfair advantage in your industry.

Listed below are some example keywords and their search volumes (including keyword variations) for Dublin.


Search Term Volume
Solicitors Dublin 3000+
Accountants Dublin 1000+
Web Design Dublin 2500+
Orthodontist Dublin 2000+
Kitchens Dublin 3400+

How much are the top spots on Google worth?

Taking the keyword ‘Orthodontist Dublin’ as an example – at the top of Google and also in the local map pack you could expect at least 600 new visitors to your site each month. These are people who are actively searching for an orthodontist or braces in Dublin at that moment in time. Even if just 2% of those became new clients that would equate to 12 new clients a month!

Considering that many people searching within a geographic area, especially on their mobile phones, may not use the geo modifier ‘Dublin’ and may search just for ‘accountancy firms’, for example, the potential search volume becomes much higher. Additionally there are many longer keyword variations not accounted for in the above keyword volume estimates.

SEO in your Industry

I love when clients begin to realise the massive opportunities for their business on Google. Or when they begin to see the €1000’s in lost revenue they are leaving on the table each month – money which their competitors are swiping from under their nose.

Related SEO Search Terms

Many business owners might understand that they need to increase the performance of their website online or that they simply need to find a way to increase their sales in general but they are perhaps unsure of where to turn for help and are not familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimisation. As such rather than beginning their search by looking for ‘SEO Dublin’ or ‘SEO Ireland’ they might begin with more general terms which are familiar to them. Our SEO Services fall under these general terms including;

  • Digital Agency
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Consultant
  • Sales Strategy
  • Increase Sales
  • Content Marketing

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