National SEO Services Ireland

What is National SEO?

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SEO IrelandNational SEO is a strategy used to take a brand, product or service to new heights of nationwide awareness, engagement, leads, sales and success in Ireland.

National SEO primarily focuses on ranking for broader keyword terms without geo modifiers. As such it applies to any keyword for which the searcher is not necessarily confined by location to satisfy their search need.

Keyword terms which might fall under a National SEO campaign include;

  • E-Commerce terms: ‘best heartrate monitor’
  • Information searches: ‘paleo diet recipes’
  • Nationwide Services: ‘marble tile wholesaler’

However National SEO services might also be applicable for a business with multiple offices and who wish to rank their website for multiple geographic locations throughout Ireland.

National SEO v’s Local SEO in Ireland

Local SEO usually focuses on a small handful of keywords targeting a single geographic location (town or city). Depending on your search term Local SEO usually also involves optimisation for inclusion in the Local Maps results also.

National SEO terms can quite often be broader in nature and much more competitive. A National SEO campaign might also include optimisation for the Google Answer Box – also referred to as position 0.

How does National SEO Work?

Typically includes;

  • Website structure and onsite SEO
  • Technical Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • Brand Optimisation throughout the web
  • Structured Data markup
  • Content Marketing & Syndication plan
  • Link Building Plan

Trust the National SEO Experts

SEO is forever changing and with the search engine algorithms constantly changing it can becoming quite challenging to keep your website up to date. To succeed with SEO requires a lot of experience, hard work, data analysis, knowledge and ongoing tracking.

For this reason it is incredibly important that you work with top SEO consultants to implement advanced strategies to help you succeed in this increasingly competitive market.