SEO Training & Consultancy

Minimum 1 day

On an ongoing retainer

Develop SEO strategy and implementation plan

Oversee inhouse team

Provide advice on development of a new brand or product

Training Workshops


Are you a business owner who wants to have greater control over your website and online presence? Perhaps you have an in house marketing person who needs to improve their knowledge of SEO? Our one on one and small group SEO training will be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs and can be delivered onsite or offsite within the Greater Dublin Area.

  • Prior to the workshop I will complete an indepth Audit and Action plan for your website.
  • As well as addressing the basics of SEO we will go through the audit and plan in detail
  • All strategies will be explained and where possible we will begin ticking items off the action plan.
  • We will have monthly telephone review sessions for 3 to 6 months following the workshop.