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#1 Dublin SEOWith the majority of people now turning to Google to help them find a product or service in their area – the top spot of Google has the ability to provide a huge return on investment for any business, in any niche. In offline terms it equates to owning the best retail space on the busiest street in your city.

As the largest city on the island of Ireland with a catchment population of 1.5 million people there is massive opportunity for any business in Dublin to skyrocket their leads and sales by positioning themselves at the top of Google. And we can put you in that space and provide you with an unfair advantage in your industry.

Listed below are some example keywords and their search volumes (including keyword variations) for Dublin.


Search Term Volume
Solicitors Dublin 3000+
Accountants Dublin 1000+
Web Design Dublin 2500+
Orthodontist Dublin 2000+
Kitchens Dublin 3400+

How much are the top spots on Google worth?

Taking the keyword ‘Orthodontist Dublin’ as an example – at the top of Google and also in the local map pack you could expect at least 600 new visitors to your site each month. These are people who are actively searching for an orthodontist or braces in Dublin at that moment in time. Even if just 2% of those became new clients that would equate to 12 new clients a month!

Considering that many people searching within a geographic area, especially on their mobile phones, may not use the geo modifier ‘Dublin’ and may search just for ‘accountancy firms’, for example, the potential search volume becomes much higher. Additionally there are many longer keyword variations not accounted for in the above keyword volume estimates.

SEO in your Industry

I love when clients begin to realise the massive opportunities for their business on Google. Or when they begin to see the €1000’s in lost revenue they are leaving on the table each month – money which their competitors are swiping from under their nose.


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