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UPDATE: Hi, we are Eleanor Greavy and Paul O’Reilly. We have joined forces to form the strongest SEO alliance in Ireland. Together we have the skills and resources to ensure that any business in any industry or niche in Galway dominates their market and wins online.

Searching for an SEO Agency in Galway?

expert seo galwayNowhere else is it so easy to determine who the absolute experts and specialists in that industry is than in SEO. Google themselves provides us with the answer – just look for who ranks #1!

We rank above all other SEO companies and digital marketing agencies in Galway for all the major and most competitive SEO terms.

And for any business seeking to grow their sales within the local Galway area or to expand nationally or internationally – we can help.  We will provide you with an unfair advantage in your industry. We use advanced, cutting edge SEO strategies to move your business online. We know what Google wants – and equally as important – we know what they don’t want.

So whether you wish to rank on,, or, we will position your website so that it ticks all the boxes. We will ensure it’s relevancy to its target market and build it’s trust and authority so that Google has no choice but to put it in the top spot of it’s search results.

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What is the top spot in Google worth in Galway?

Listed below are some example keywords and their search volumes (including keyword variations) for Galway.

Search Term Volume
Solicitors Galway 550+
Accountants Galway 220+
Web Design Galway 700+
Dentist Galway 1200+
Kitchens Galway 1400+

In fact, potential search volumes are likely much much higher than these figures. Considering that many people searching within a geographic area, especially on their mobile phones, may not use the geo modifier ‘Galway’ and may search just for ‘kitchen showrooms’, for example, the potential search volume becomes much higher. Additionally many people will search for longer term versions of keywords and it is generally accepted that longer keyword variations could add as much as 30% extra to keyword search volumes.

So taking the keyword ‘Web Design Galway’ as an example – ranking at the top of Google (and within the local map pack) you could expect at least 200 new visitors to your site each month. These are people who are actively searching for web design services in Galway at that moment in time. Even if just 2.5% of those became new clients that would equate to approximately 5 new clients a month!

We are dedicated to excellence in SEO

We are serious about SEO. We are fully immersed in the international SEO community. Our success depends on ranking in some of the most competitive online niches and getting results for our clients. We pride ourselves in staying at the cutting edge of SEO strategies and invest heavily in our learning and testing.

We are not a full service digital marketing agency. We do not offer web design services, PPC or Social Media management services.  To do so would distract us from keeping up to date with the ever changing SEO environment and constant Google updates.

It’s time to increase your websites rankings in the search engines. It’s time to get more leads and more sales for your business.

Give us a call now on 086 820 2060 or 01 554 3931 to get started.

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