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We are serious about SEO. We are fully immersed in the international SEO community. Our success depends on ranking in some of the most competitive online niches and getting results for our clients. We pride ourselves in staying at the cutting edge of SEO strategies.

We invest heavily in our learning and testing and keeping up to date with the ever changing SEO environment and constant Google updates.

We know what Google wants – and equally as important – we know what they don’t want.

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Do you wish to rank on for a nationwide term in Ireland?

It is important as a first step to establish your entity and it’s relevance to Ireland as a target market. This is established through;

  • Onsite structure
  • Structured data markup
  • Offsite branding and social setup
  • 3rd party backlinking from relevant sources

For Local SEO Services;

Optimising for a National Search Term

A national term is one which does not have a specifically local intent or geo search modifier. Online purchases (e-commerce websites) are typically national in nature. And while many may begin with a geo modifier the search query can be satisfied with a non local solution.

For example, an individual in Cork searching for ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ is as likely to buy the product online from a company in Sligo as they are to purchase from a company in Cork. Even if they use the geo modifier ‘Heart Rate Monitor Cork’ – the solution to the search intent does not necessarily have to be local.

There are numerous examples. Our solution to maximise on such markets is to optimise your main site for non geo specific keywords and to setup a satellite network of websites to ‘catch’ all the geo search terms.

Getting Started with your SEO Campaign

It’s time to increase your websites rankings in the search engines. It’s time to get more leads and more sales for your business. And whilst we are based in Dublin we offer our SEO Services to companies throughout Ireland.

Contact us today on 01 554 3931 to discuss how we can help your business.

We can schedule a no obligation telephone consultation to discuss your website and business goals. We will look at your competitors and give you our honest opinion of the work that needs to be done to beat them.

Irish Business & Economy

  • Lowest Corporation Tax rate in Europe
  • Dublin and Ireland have one of the youngest and most skilled workforces in Europe.
  • There is a thriving tech, research and innovation sector in Dublin
  • Attracts many of the worlds leading tech, software, online and pharmaceutical companies (including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc) due to it’s low tax rates and high qualified work force
  • Ireland has many business support agencies, such as Enterprise Ireland, for encouraging foreign direct investment from overseas companies and to assist Irish companies expand overseas
  • Consumer confidence in Ireland is on the rise again with increasing employment and expenditure on goods and services