Get Instant Traffic

Get more customers and a higher ROI, ASAP!

Are you currently spending €1000’s per month on Google Adwords?

We have a unique organic traffic solution that could either cut your monthly traffic bill or drive additional, highly targeted, filtered traffic at a fraction of the cost.

Niche specific organic traffic

Imagine if you could get 20, 50, even 100 extra visitors to your site a day. Targeted visitors who are searching for a product or service you supply. What would it mean if these visitors found your site through Googles organic search results and at half the price of Google Adwords.

We will develop niche specific websites in your industry, developed to compliment your main website. Each website will target a single term for multiple locations – we are essentially blanketing the web for popular search terms in your industry. We will put these websites in front of your ideal customers, at the top of Google, at that exact moment that they are searching for a product or service you supply.

Rankings are vanity, traffic is sanity

Most clients demand rankings for a small selection of keywords from their SEO providers. But ultimately their priorities will change and they become focused on traffic and conversions.  Rankings are just a means to traffic. Opt for our organic traffic solution and we will takeover multiple positions in the marketplace for you.

This approach is most suited to;

  • Businesses already investing a significant amount on a monthly basis on PPC and who are seeking a more cost effective solution – either to cut costs or drive more traffic
  • Those seeking a pay per performance solution for their business as opposed to paying a fixed monthly fee for rankings
  • Those who wish to see returns as quickly as 1 month
  • Ideal for ‘testing’ a market
  • Businesses whose product or service offering has a larger geographic target area
  • Online businesses and ecommerce stores
  • Export businesses
  • Best suited to larger markets such as the UK and USA