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 Eleanor Greavy

Eleanor GreavyHi!

I’ve worked in online marketing now for almost 7 years – starting out offering PPC (Google Adwords) and mobile marketing services for clients. I graduated into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by accident in 2013 when a PPC client asked me if I could rank their website in the organic search results. And so began a very steep learning curve!

The SEO world was going through massive changes at that time with huge changes to the Google Algorithm. It was a great time to get started.

I soon realised that SEO was a great fit for me and nothing beat the feeling of seeing my clients website hit the top spots on Google for competitive and lucrative search terms and the impact that had on his business. Since then I’ve been obsessed with being the best at what I do. I am constantly testing and learning and ensuring I stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

I have both a mixture of SEO clients and my own SEO projects and it is with my own projects that the testing and learning really happens – to the benefit of my clients!

What you should know about me;

  • I am super competitive and hate to lose. You definitely want me in your corner 🙂
  • I am a massive supporter of businesses. I believe anyone who sets up in business for themselves should be put on a pedestal and that wealth and success should be celebrated.
  • I am hugely optimistic and always try to find the positive in any situation and believe in trying to see the best in everyone.
  • I am very proud to be from Donegal, but happy to live in Dublin with my husband and two young kids – who both drive my ambition and drive me crazy!!

Previous to working in online marketing I worked as a business consultant with BDO Simpson Xavier for 4 years conducting feasibility studies and business plans.

Following this I worked for 5 years as a Sales & Marketing manager for my family’s manufacturing business. At that time they were mainly focused on manufacture and retail within the Irish and UK markets. They are now heavily focused on manufacture and distribution to the USA market.

Call me now on 086 820 2060 to discuss how I can help your business.