Google Adwords Pay Per Click

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Search Engine Optimisation and other online marketing strategies take time.  Some business owners require immediate traffic to generate leads and sales. In this instance we would recommend Pay Per Click (PPC) as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Google Adwords PPC is an effective platform to generate fast results from Google search. The downside being that in the longer term PPC may not generate as much traffic as SEO and can be more expensive.Google Adwords PPC

Within a matter of days we could have a campaign setup and ready to run for your business – generating traffic and leads almost immediately.

Some key reasons why your business should consider a pay per click campaign:

  • Quick results (within 3-4 days)
  • Easy tracking, feedback and ongoing optimisationHelps build brand awareness
  • Compensates for traffic during SEO campaigns

Data obtained from a PPC campaign including best performing keywords, ad copy, click through rates, and conversion rates, etc can provide positive foundations for all areas of your digital marketing strategy and your SEO strategy in particular.