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Benefits of Facebook Marketing?

With over 1.5 billion active users, most of whom log in almost every day, Facebook is big.facebook marketing dublin

Facebook enables businesses to build a community of existing and potential customers and ignoring Facebook isn’t really an option for businesses who wish to connect with existing and new customers.

However building a community of Facebook and generating leads and sales for your business doesn’t come easily and certainly doesn’t happen overnight – it requires consistency and engagement with your followers.

Luckily Facebook also offers the best laser targeted advertising platform in the world to speed up this process for businesses and make it easy to target our ideal customers. With options to customise targeting to a very narrow focus including location, demographics and interest getting it right can be trick though and without the proper education and understanding of how their ads platform works it can become quite costly.

Facebook Ads Optimisation

Save €€€’s month after month with correct ad optimisation strategies

Facebook Retargeting

Develop your facebook pixel to retarget potential customers who have already visited your website.

Create laser targeted lookalike custom audiences

Facebook Traffic

Helps with website ranking

Generate direct leads