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Custom SEO Audit Services

Take the guesswork out of ranking on Google...

The top spots on Google can be incredibly lucrative for almost any business. Order our Custom Audit today and begin to reclaim €1000's in potential lost revenues each month. Money that your business could be earning on Google.

  • It's time to beat your competition.
  • Take the guesswork out of how to rank on Google.
  • Remove uncertainty around SEO
  • Find out what is hampering your websites rankings

Every website is different, every niche is different, every search result page is different. Watch us over the shoulder as we analyse your website, back links and competition and tell you what you need to do to rank higher for your chosen keywords.

Each of our audits are conducted manually and are tailored to your business.

Benefits of an SEO Audit

  • Improve your rankings

  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Beat your competitors

  • Learn what Google wants

  • Over the shoulder video analysis
  • Fast turnaround

  • Customized action plan

  • Performed by in-house experts

Get Started with an Audit

  • Have you launched a new website and would like a blueprint with which to make improvements and move forward?
  • Has your website not moved up in rankings despite ongoing search engine optimisation efforts?
  • Has your website suffered a significant loss of traffic and rankings recently?
  • Do you suspect your website may be penalised?
  • Do you wish to retain more control and develop a greater understanding of SEO and rankings in house?
  • Are you thinking about hiring an SEO or digital marketing agency and would like to arm yourself with a deeper understanding before you do.

Order Your SEO Audit Today

And receive your indepth analysis and action plan within 5 working days


SEO Website Audit Deliverables

  • Up to 5 hours of in depth expert analysis of your website performed by Eleanor Greavy
  • Focussing on your 10 most important target pages on your website.
  • Fully edited and boiled down into easy to follow over the shoulder videos
  • A summary Action Plan timeframe document
  • A one hour telephone call and review within 60 days.

Our Audit Includes;

Website Audit

  • An over the shoulder video review of your website
  • How should your website be structured so that it is powered up to rank? Properly structured websites can rank with up to 70% less links!
  • What should your url structure and page titles be to avoid over optimisation and to achieve the most rankings?
  • Onsite links – how should you link between pages and what, if any, links to other websites should you use?
  • Identify any issues which could cause problems such as a Google Penalty
  • Test website load speed and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Review Search Console setup including sitemaps and any potential errors
  • My top WordPress plugins

Entity Setup

  • Google loves brands. What can you do to strengthen your brand or entity online?
  • Review of your social properties – which do you need and how should they be set up and interconnected?
  • How to auto publish from your website to all your social properties, or from one social property to all others – this is a huge time saver and allows for those social signals which Google loves.
  • A review of your Google My Business listing.
  • Which citation sites / directories your website needs to be listed on?

Competitor Analysis

  • An analysis of how much (€€€’s) the top spots on Google could be worth to your business in terms of revenues.
  • A review of the top competitors in your industry
  • Which of their backlinks can you steal?
  • What can you do to beat them?

Backlink Audit

  • I will examine and provide feedback on your current backlinking profile.
  • Which links are potentially toxic and at risk of triggering a Google Penalty
  • Keyword optimisation and potential over optimisation hampering rankings
  • Overview of what makes a good backlink
  • Recommended backlinking strategy