Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

What can Search Engine Optimisation do for your business?

When I tell people I do SEO most don’t really understand what it is. Or when I talk about SEO to friends or family that don’t understand the industry their eyes glaze over. For most people SEO sounds like an uninteresting black art.

But if you own your own business or are responsible for sales and marketing you certainly understand the need to improve your websites rankings.

Your business needs SEO

what is seoMany business owners might understand that they need to increase the performance of their website online or that they simply need to find a way to increase their sales in general but they are perhaps unsure of where to turn for help and are not familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization. As such rather than beginning their search by¬†looking for ‘SEO Agency Dublin‘ or ‘SEO Company Ireland‘ they might begin with more general terms which are familiar to them. Our Services fall under these general terms¬†including;

  • Sales Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Online Marketing Expert
  • Internet Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Increase Sales
  • Content Marketing

SEO can multiply Sales in your business

You have probably invested a lot of money in your website development. But does it actually bring you results? A great looking website is of little importance if potential clients can’t find it. Your website should be working hard for your business. In fact a professionally executed SEO campaign along with a website designed for conversion can help produce new leads and sales month after month on autopilot. In fact a website which ranks at the top of Google for your important keywords can become a key driver of sales and growth in your business and can work as hard as any sales team.

The best store on the busiest street

So imagine if you are a solicitor, or a dentist, or you sell artificial grass. What would it mean for your business if you were given the best, biggest, most attractive building on a street full of people walking up and down everyday and each and every one of those people where just looking for a product or service you supply – legal help, dental veneers or a new lawn.

That’s what the top spots on Google can do for your business!

It can launch your business

The process of setting up a new business is stressful. You need to plan your branding, get a new website, perhaps find a premises, and engage the services of an Accountant etc. But without customers all this effort is redundant. By planning for SEO in the very early stages of your business setup process you can be guaranteed a steady stream of new leads and customers within a few months. In fact there are many businesses, both online and offline, which survive and thrive on the back of SEO alone.