SEO Training & Consultancy

Search Engine Optimisation Training

Are you a business owner who wants to have greater control over your website and online presence? Perhaps you have an in house marketing person who needs to improve their knowledge of SEO?


Our one on one and small group SEO training will be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs and can be delivered onsite or offsite within the Greater Dublin Area.

With most people beginning their search for a new product or service on Google your website and it’s performance in the search engine is an incredibly important component of future business growth.

If you are serious about your business and are focused on growth then you will understand how critical a well executed SEO strategy is.

For this reason many entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing and business development managers may wish to develop a better understanding of website and seo services– whether they want to bring control of SEO inhouse or simply have a better understanding of the work done by their SEO agency.


Tailored SEO Training Workshops

Our training can be tailored specifically to your individual or organisations needs. We can devise a training or consultancy package for all levels of knowledge and expertise.

Our search engine optimisation training and consultancy services are geared towards businesses who want to better understand SEO as it specifically applies to their business and who wish to retain better control over their online brand themselves.

Our training can be from as little as one day, to ongoing monthly consultancy.

  • Prior to the workshop we will complete an indepth Audit and Action plan for your website.
  • As well as addressing the basics we will go through the audit and action plan in detail
  • All strategies will be explained and where possible we will begin ticking items off the action plan.
  • Typically includes monthly telephone review sessions for 3 to 6 months following the workshop.


One on One Training

Are you a startup entrepreneur, sole trader or marketing manager who needs help understanding and devising an SEO plan for your business? Perhaps you want us to take care of the SEO Setup of your website and then provide training on ongoing blogging and external link building, etc. Whatever your need or niche we can tailor a one on one training plan for you.


Small Group Training

Do you have an inhouse marketing team, or perhaps you have a business with numerous locations and key people that you feel would benefit from a better understanding of SEO?  Are you a representative of a professional or business organisation who feels your members would benefit from an SEO workshop?

We can provide training tailored to your groups needs – whether it be business or niche specific. No matter what your needs we can tailor a small group training package to suit.